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Note about videos: videos on this website are from all over the world and depict people operating power stilts with and without proper safety equipment. We do NOT endorse operating power stilts without full protective padding and a helmet. Operators should be over 18 years old or under adult supervision and wearing protective gear.

That being said we think these are some good vids:

DC Power Stilts on ABC's Good Morning Washington

The Coolness

Running and Jumping

Awesome Stunts and Tricks (Don't try this at home)

Swebounce Performance team: visit swebounce.com

French Power Bocking Team

Kids on stilts

DC Power Stilts - Its easy to learn at a free Tryout

Instructional: How to Get Up from the Ground

Our YouTube chanel features videos that were produced by volunteers using our equipment. If you would like to take video of a friend, let me know prior to the event/tryout.


Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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