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What is it?
Power stilts are hard to describe and as a result people use many terms to refer to the same thing: Jumping stilts, spring stilts, 7 league boots, powerbocks, SkyRunner, Velocity Stilts, Pro-Jumps velocity stilts, kangaroo shoes.

Powerbocking Defined
The art of using Power Stilts; Jumping, Running, Moving aggressively and artfully; performing super-human feats while wearing stilts; bocking, having fun!

(named after German inventor Alexander Böck.)

What’s possible?
Stand 18 inches higher, jump 6 feet high, and run 25mph. Have fun, Get exercise.

Many professional performers have used power stilts to perform amazing acrobatic routines. Most users are happy to just have fun with them and maybe learn a few tricks so they can show off when needed.

I'm confused. What are the available Brands?
Available brands* include: Powerisers, 7 League Boots (7s stilts), PowerStriders, PoweriZers, Pro-Jumps, Flyjumpers, Powerskips.

There are many inferior products available that are made to look exactly like stilts that we offer. Unfortunately the resemblance is mostly asthetic. Cheap brands are not held to the same standards of quality, and they tend to have plastic pieces that, with routine use, break or malfunction unsafely.

To cut through the confusion, we do not offer or endorse products which are of poor quality. Poweriser includes a complete line of stilts at affordable prices. The legendary 7 League Stilts offer exceptional performance for only a few dollars more.

* Brands listed in Bold have one or more models which are carried and endorsed by DC Power Stilts.

Can I try it before buying?
Yes! Book a 10-min tryout lesson, which includes a coupon... you end up getting a discount if you decide to buy stilts. Additionally, free tryouts are occasionally offered in the DC area, but you'll need to sign up for our newsletter to learn where and when.

How hard is it?
Many people can balance & walk by the end of their 10 min tryout. Lessons are available for those that prefer structured learning and interactive feedback. Lesson includes stilt rental, protective gear, and drinks.

By the end of a one-hour lesson, you will be as balanced and confident as when you are walking normally.

Is it a good workout?
Yes! Powerbocking is aerobic exercise that strengthens your muscles while developing perfect balance, grace & style. Burn calories, enjoy the outdoors, develop your balance, and enjoy a higher perspective all at once.

Are they for kids?
Yes, the Poweriser Kids model is specially designed for children and youths from 66lbs (about 8yo). Kids love "being taller", and learn to balance much more intuitively. A clean safety record has been established for this product when used as directed.

Will it hurt if I fall?
Possibly…operators should always wear protective gear. As with most active sports, most injuries are minor, however all risks are assumed by the user. Nothing can be ruled out so you should have medical insurance. Just in case.

How much?
Starting around $165. Visit the products page to learn more.

Where can I get them?
There's only one authorized dealer in the Washignton DC area! Please support DC Power Stilts, small, local business, community activist, and expert instruction.

Whats the deal with Shipping?
Free Shipping if merchandise is picked up locally. Depending on the order, items may need to be obtained from our warehouse.

Estimated shipping times are availble on our blog about shipping times. Add about one business day for order processing. Orders placed by Thursday will travel over the weekend. Weekday delivery only.

Shipping is calculated for any address in the contiguous USA, and can be calculated using the shopping cart. If orders need to be shipped elsewhere, please inquire about shipping charges.

Can you ship them to my country?
We are able to ship orders outside of the US to Canada and Mexico. Overseas shipping is very expensive so please consider a freight forwarding service for internaional orders.

What if I still have a question?
Many additional questions have been answered on the Blog. Click here for all of the Blog items that are FAQs.

or Email me to ask a question. (If someone else asks the same question, I'll add it to this list.)


Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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