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You have to see it to believe it!
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Be a gift-giving hero!
Give an awesome gift this year! There is nothing like watching someone you care about open up a large wrapped box on Christmas and their amazed expression as they realize they have been given an awesome pair of power stilts.

Power stilts are the perfect gift for "bigger kids" you care about. We offer fast shipping, easy to compare shipping rate, and are product experts.

Holiday Deadline?
Here is the deal on shipping and timing If you are going to need 2-day or overnight shipping, please email us after placing the order and we'll invoice you the extra shipping cost (Can be around $100).

Customers say: "DC Power Stilts went out of the way to ensure we would receive our package by the day we needed it"

Announcement: Clearance sale! Last chance to get the legendary 7s stilts! DC Power Stilts still still has stilts in stock, and would be happy to outfit you our available merchandise at a clearnce price.

Please Sign up to join the announcement list, where you will be the first to know when any new products come in.

Why Choose DC Power Stilts?
We are stilt experts, care about providing a good experience for customers, and we are passionate about sharing our excitement for the sport!

New!DC Power Stilts Customized Binding Upgrades
The DC PS Foot Strap upgrade offers enhanced comfort, a strong design, and best of all is now included complimentary on all orders for the 7s Stilts

7 League Boot Logo

An Exclusive, Innovative Product!
DC Power Stilts has always been known for quality and high value brands and after careful evaluation of the product we have become the official US distributor of 7 League Stilts: GT Cobra for Teens and Adults. These are high quality stilts and offer many innovations for $399.00, only a few dollars more than other brands!

Learn to walk with a bounce to your step!
It's alot of fun, and easy to learn! Most people can balance on stilts after only a few minutes.

It's also an extreme and intense workout.

For those who can make it to our location in DC, there is no shipping charge if purchased online and picked up in person. Click on products for details.

Safety Product Tests:
Due to customer demand for good safety equipment, we now offer Triple Eight (888) safety pads and dual-certified Gotham skate helmets. The helmet's dual certificatioon best covers the speed range for stilts and the safety pads have been trialed and tested under the most grueling conditions by our instructors and students.

Join us!
The sign up page easily gets you to your free tryout. You can also use it to stay informed or to contact us.

Join the DC Power Stilts community on Facebook: Join our page! Your feed will immediately get tips, news, coupons, event announcements, and who-knows-what-else?
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Jump Team
Do you like getting paid to listen to music and jump? DC Power Stilts is organizing like-minded people who want to work on skills and routines together as performance teams. If you perform already, make sure you're on my list.
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Check out the Blog
The DC Powerbocking Blog chronicles community news along with an occasional thought or two. Please look it over and leave a comment!

Brand Confusion?
DC Power Stilts pays attention to all available brands and product lines. We look at product reputations, designs, and most importantly, we jump on each brand of stilts before we offer it.

While no one brand or product is perfect for everyone, if we carry it, we recommend it. Because your safety depends on the stilts performing properly, we don't suggest knock-offs or imitation brands.

  • 7 League stilts are designed in Europe and experts prefer them.
  • Other brands are made in China with lower production quality and tend to wear out quickly.
  • We also evaluate $1,000+ stilts, and seek out new products, contact us for more info.

Stand Taller • Run Faster • Jump Higher • Be Acrobatic • Have Fun

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